Privacy & Legal

User Privacy

All data entered into LitLift and related applications must be stored on servers. All of your data is strictly confidential and your creative works and ideas. We do not market, sell, use, or share this data in any way with any other party, nor for our commercial or marketing purposes. We may have to access user data solely for the purpose of providing technical help or troubleshooting a problem or otherwise assisting a user. We want you to sleep easy, so to the maximum extent we take every effort to ensure the privacy of your data and contact information on our sites.

Terms of Use

Use of the Service Subject to this Agreement, you may use our Service only for your personal or professional and lawful purposes. You are responsible for all data, info, text, emails, or other materials that you generate on our sites and applications or otherwise transmit via our services. You agree to the maximum extent, to maintain the confidentiality and security of your login info and will  notify LitLift of any unauthorized use or any security issues. We reserve the right to cancel your account and permanently block you from membership for breach of any of the following:

  1. attempt to exploit or copy our services for personal or commercial gain, to include posts or links to personal services/products or to increase page rank of personal services/products online;
  2. make our service available to any third party;
  3. use our service in a manner that interferes with its performance and components thereof;
  4. use our service to exploit or undermine confidential information of the site or other users;
  5. attempt in anyway to compromise the security and integrity of servers, networks, code, etc;
  6. attempt to gain unauthorized access to areas of the application or site;
  7. transmit or upload any files, data, etc. that may interfere with or damage the service for others or cause others hardship of an offensive nature or anything known to violate laws or protections thereof to include copyright, patents, etc;
  8. exceed reasonable volume or scope of data use;
  9. anything deemed harmful to the proper functioning of the application for other users



LitLift(c) various logos are trademarks and may only we may use these trademarks or logos. For promotional purposes as a user of our services, as long as you don’t claim ownership of the marks, you may also use them.

Proprietary Infringement

LitLift(c) uses proprietary and patented designs and features in it’s application. We strictly forbid the copying of any designs, features, or functionality without expressed written approval. To the maximum extent we will take all legal actions necessary to pursue any infringements.


While we strive to maintain our free service to the highest standards of internet, server, and application security, you agree to indemnify Litlift and any affiliates, against all costs, claims, damage and loss for any reason of any kind from your breach of these terms, or any accidental or unpredictable action of LitLift, or third party direct or indirect attack or negative action to include but not limited to denial of service attacks against LitLift.