What features are included in new rich text editor?

We are very happy with our new rich text editor and encourage you to check out the following features yourself:

  • Print to hard copy or pdf
  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Image Insertion
  • Undo/Redo
  • Find/Replace
  • Bold/Italic/Underline/Strike Through
  • Subscript/superscript
  • Line numbering/bullets
  • Center/Align/Justify
  • External hyperlinks/Internal anchors
  • Special characters
  • Styles/Formats/Fonts/Size
  • Text color/Text background
  • Show blocks (editing layout blocks)
  • Maximize (increase to full screen view/editing)

Please note, one of the best editor features is the Maximize button—it expands the writing area to full screen. It’s in the bottom right part of the editor menu.

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