How do I use plotline or storyboard feature?

First you must have created a book. Then after clicking “Plotline” on main menu simply click “Add Plotline”. You will be taken to a “Plots” screen with a few key fields/terms that will help you outline or define your plot; now you don’t have to fill-out these fields initially to use the full storyboard/plotline feature for your book. So on the “Plots” screen all you have to do is add a title and click “Create”, then on the upper menu you can navigate to the chapter or scene storyboard feature.

Note as you work in the chapter or scene plotline/storyboard screens your work or movement of objects is automatically saved. You can create as many plotlines for a book as you want and they won’t save over the actual order or attached status of chapters or scenes unless you click the “Save” button on a specific chapter or scene plotline.

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