Here is a sample of unique tools our application provides, and how to make the most of them to E-X-P-L-O-D-E your creativity and elevate your inspiration to new levels! We update the below static examples regularly so check back often To access our live tools sign-up at now.

Creative Images

A random image generator–examples shown below. This tool only available here and generates a scene or character based on one of ~20 categories, or generates two completely random images, from thousands of the highest quality and pre-screened images online. You can use it as a starting point for a new character or scene. Or place an existing character in a scene or have one of your characters interact with a generated character. And think creative! Imagine your character in one of the scenes, how would he/she react? Imagine your character interacting with or even transforming to/from one of the generated characters. Force yourself to make a link between the two images and your story, a small grain of a concept may develop into a lovely pearl.



Character Traits

A random trait generator–examples listed below. How to use the tool may seem obvious, but think more creative! For new characters select 2 or 3 as a start. Remember don’t tell your readers about your character’s traits, show them. Think what actions your character can perform to show those traits. Now for the other 2 or 3 traits you didn’t select, try forcing actions on your character(s) to exhibit those traits. And remember the best characters usually change or develop new traits. Even if you already have well-developed characters, step through each trait and make your character express each or interact with a person expressing such a trait. You and your readers may like what develops.

  1. decadent
  2. sluggish
  3. courageous
  4. long-winded
  5. dull

Character Description & Quirks

A random character generator with a vast number of complex and unique traits, qualities, quirks, etc–example below. How to use the tool may also seem obvious, but think more creative! Sure you can use this as a seed for a new character or steal individual traits, goals, background, quirks, etc for your own characters. Or to help develop your characters try forcing these qualities on your existing character(s) or make your character(s) interact with another expressing such qualities, how would they act?

Example: Denric Guthridge is rough and always promiscuous, 5’7 height, with deep brown-purple popped-out eyes, a dark look or angry and threatening expression, features and physical appearance of a native american person. He works as citrus fruit grower and was born in Korhogo. He is single and playing the field and grew up in a house full of cats. He is into target shooting and has a talent for anything requiring persuasion. Will only live, park, etc. in places with odd numbers.

Titles and Words

A random title and word generator–examples below. The live tool has active hyperlinks to word definitions. Once again think creative when using this tool! Use it to generator a title or word and then try to incorporate the title (or a word from a title) or one of the generated word into an existing scene or chapter. Or imagine one of your characters encountering or using such a word…when and where would this happen in your story? Or use the titles or words as a seed for a new character or a character’s background, chapter, scene, or entire new story–try to develop a link between the title or two or more words and see what literary marvels unfold.

Example Titles: Forgetting Whispers, Sky High, Prisoners of Thought, etc
Example Words: matter, deafening, squooshy, absquatulate, etc


A random world location and fictional location title generator–examples below. The live tool has active hyperlinks to locations. If you need help picking an existing world location for a scene, chapter, character’s background, etc this tool is perfect. Likewise if you need help thinking of a fictional location, place, town, etc name, and perhaps one with a deeper meaning, this tool is perfect. But once again think more creative! Select two or three locations and make a story joining the locations. Or how would your lead characters respond to visiting random location(s) and who would they meet? What would your lead characters think when they heard a fictional location name? For a fictional location, try to make-up a story to explain why it exists or why it no longer exists or what other country or planet that location is on.

Example World Locations: Alicante, Mostaganem, Philadelphia, St. Albans; etc
Example Fictional Location Names: Pagasae, Sarande, Ademptio “a taking away”


A random plot generator–see below examples. Note this tool is still under development and not live. Our tool will offer generated plot fragments and also offer the best complete plots (thank you for your submissions) anywhere online. Use them to inspire a new story or weave a thread of our plots into yours. Again be creative so force a thread from our plot (even from a different genre) into yours and think how your characters react, how would your plot thread into ours or vice versa, how would the combined plots unfold, etc.

A body guard trying to establish himself in his career creates and defines a persona to protect. The body guard succeeds in promoting his business by making a few prominent interventions/saves. However, it turns out the persona the body guard created is played by himself, reminiscent of flight club. Is this revealed to the public or does the body guard turn killer to hide his made-up persona, which in a twist takes off and is becoming more successful than the body guard business he originally wanted to start?

Most corporations exist to make a profit. Many have profited at the expense of the environment. An insurance corporation plans to do both on the verge of the greatest environmental shift in modern history—global warming. The company is secretly releasing climate warming gases through small third-world untraceable subsidiaries. They start capitalizing on the resulting more severe weather and insurance claims, when in a twist a child of one of the senior individuals at the company dies due to an accident related to severe weather. The person then goes on a mission to expose the company who will spot at nothing to keep things under wrap.

Love & Life
Years ago a young woman, under different aliases, participated in dozens of egg donations through various fertility clinics and agencies. And now today a young meet and are instantly attracted to each other. As they grow closer and start sharing more about each other they eventually discover they had the same mother. Is their love too deep to stop their forbidden relationship and they decide to continue but without having children? Or will they break-up…perhaps only to meet another sibling they are drawn to by similar genes and interests?

A story about the birth and growth of LSD. Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first synthesized the compound in 1938 and only 5yrs later discovered the psychedelic properties when he accidentally ingested an unknown quantity. The lab he worked for started to market it. The US CIA secretly gave it to employees, military personnel, and other agencies. When the patent on LSD expired in 1963 many advocated for the use of LSD and it became a main part of the 1960s counterculture. It wasn’t made illegal in the US until 1968. The story could follow someone who unknowingly received it or an early successful individual drug seller.