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Welcome, we are excited to offer this 100% FREE and mobile friendly service because we are writers who support writers for the LOVE of writing. LitLift offers a number of features and we are continually adding more. If a new user check out our new quick start guide here. And don’t miss our latest creative and inspirational tool examples here.

And while our FAQ and privacy/legal pages have more info, here are answers to our 3 most common questions:
1) Is your service really free? answer: YES! There is no monthly fee or sneaky upgrade later to unlock all features charge like most other sites. We are 100% FREE.

2) Is my work private? answer: YES! Sharing is optional. We make no claims to your work and you can export anytime. We do not view, sell, or share your work. No third parties have access to it. We are US based and strictly follow copyright laws which other international sites may not.

3) Is your site (and my work) secure? answer: YES! We employ the latest security measures and are proactive to threats (weren’t susceptible to recent Heartbleed virus or Russian SQL injection attacks). Since we are 100% FREE we never collect your finance/credit card info, so we are much less of a threat to hackers.

Though LitLift is quite intuitive, we encourage new users to review our newly updated user instruction manual. We love hearing from you … please don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions to improve our service to you or make comments. We are here to support your creative literary endeavors–write on free world!

Our Free Literary Service

  • Use it to Outline

    Our first and original goal...to help outline your novels, stories, creative works, etc.
  • Use it to Write

    Our rich text, full screen editor makes writing easy. Plus we are adding new idea generators only available here.
  • Use it to Share

    A new feature gives you optional sharing of your work with any member of your choice or the public.

User Testimonials

  • As a writer for over 20 years, I have recently ventured online. After trying numerous sites, I am finally impressed by one--LitLift. I now use it for all of my outlining.
  • Great help from professionals to beginners!
  • Litlift is the best thing I have ever found and its helping me to finally write that novel I've had in my head.
  • This site has helped keep me organized and now I'm done with revision.
  • Litlift has been full of surprises! I think others should TOTALLY try it out!

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